Just For the Summer (Memoirs From a Mental Hospital)

.Author: Laurel Lorraine Lancer, PhD Rating:  Summary: Laurel is an anxious woman, and for her husband, he finds her a nuisance, and wishes she could just be "normal" like everyone else, and work her job as a teacher, and serve him, as "a housewife should". Laurel sees a psychiatrist, whom doesn't like her husband, but … Continue reading Just For the Summer (Memoirs From a Mental Hospital)


Heads: A Neurosurgeon’s Memoir

.Author: Doncha Freemon, Dr. Bernard R. Lerner (posthumostly) Rating: Summary: Dr Lerner (Doc) is caught overprescribing to his patients and taking the extra pills, narcotic painkillers, himself. Though he is a gifted neurosurgeon, he is tried and found guilty. He is sentenced 3.5 years in a minimum security prison and tells his tales about the … Continue reading Heads: A Neurosurgeon’s Memoir