Dear Leader: My Escape from North Korea

Author: Jang Jin-sung Rating:  Summary: This is a book, that if his name were to be revealed, could get him killed. Jin-sung was one of Pyongyang's Elite, working for the Party in North Korea (also known as the DPRK) as an epic poet. He had a lot of access to sensitive material, and knew things that … Continue reading Dear Leader: My Escape from North Korea


Just For the Summer (Memoirs From a Mental Hospital)

.Author: Laurel Lorraine Lancer, PhD Rating:  Summary: Laurel is an anxious woman, and for her husband, he finds her a nuisance, and wishes she could just be "normal" like everyone else, and work her job as a teacher, and serve him, as "a housewife should". Laurel sees a psychiatrist, whom doesn't like her husband, but … Continue reading Just For the Summer (Memoirs From a Mental Hospital)

Getting the Mercury Out

Author: Aine Ne Cheallaigh Rating:  This is complete bullshit. A woman has mercury amalgam fillings and some minor health problems and becomes obsessed with mercury poisoning. She then dedicates her life to getting the mercury out and chelation "therapy", which she does without medical advice or prescription, using medications purchased online, potentially more dangerous than … Continue reading Getting the Mercury Out

Heads: A Neurosurgeon’s Memoir

.Author: Doncha Freemon, Dr. Bernard R. Lerner (posthumostly) Rating: Summary: Dr Lerner (Doc) is caught overprescribing to his patients and taking the extra pills, narcotic painkillers, himself. Though he is a gifted neurosurgeon, he is tried and found guilty. He is sentenced 3.5 years in a minimum security prison and tells his tales about the … Continue reading Heads: A Neurosurgeon’s Memoir