Getting the Mercury Out

Author: Aine Ne Cheallaigh

Rating: ratestarhalfratestarwhiteratestarwhiteratestarwhiteratestar

This is complete bullshit. A woman has mercury amalgam fillings and some minor health problems and becomes obsessed with mercury poisoning. She then dedicates her life to getting the mercury out and chelation “therapy”, which she does without medical advice or prescription, using medications purchased online, potentially more dangerous than mercury itself.

She uses online forums to dose herself to get rid of the mercury and finds herself feeling mentally unwell but physically better between “rounds” of chelation. Eventually she finished the “therapy” and decides she is without toxins.

Complete quackery. Potentially dangerous medical advice. Dr Google, instead of actual physicians or peer reviewed sources like this study.

Found on Amazon Unlimited, random search. Easy read, but frustrating due to authors obsession and refusal to seek out MD and to use dangerous online supplements. She is unlikable and makes it hard to read to the end. Interesting subject. I recommend looking at QuackWatch if you read this. Would not read again. Glad I did not pay for it – would return.


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